Church Administration

  1. Pastor and Deacons

    All officers of the Church must confirm their essential belief in the Articles of Faith of Tamworth Road Baptist Church. In particular, no minister shall be the pastor of this church unless he believes and preaches according to these Articles of this church. No Pastor shall at any time be appointed unless three-quarters, and no Deacons unless two-thirds, of the members present at any Church Meeting, properly held for the appointment of such Pastor or Deacons, be in favour of such appointment.

  2. Church Meetings

    All Church Meetings shall be chaired by the Pastor or another Church Officer. Other than in relation to the appointment of pastor or deacon, any proposal shall be settled by the majority. Any member seeking to change such a decision within six months will be regarded as acting disorderly.

  3. New Members

    Deacons, and proposed to the Church, and then accepted by a majority of the Church after he or she has given their testimony at a Church meeting.

    Any near relative of the proposed new member shall not be present when the decision of the Church is made.

  4. Members of other Churches

    Members of other Churches who have been baptized on the profession of their faith and who are known to us may be invited to join us at the Communion Service (the Lord’s Table), but if such member continues to meet with us regularly we should consider whether we should recommend them to join this Church.

  5. Members acting disorderly

    Any member knowing another to act disorderly shall go to the offending member, and tell them their fault alone, or inform a Church Officer to allow them to deal with the matter. If any member fails to do this but rather speaks of the matter to others, they shall be subject to church discipline. And any member suspended for immoral conduct, or for bringing the church into disrepute, should confess their fault before the church before again being admitted to enjoy its ordinances and privileges.

  6. Revealing Church business

    Any member found relating to any other person not a member private matters attended to at any Church Meeting, shall be liable to be brought before the Church, according to the judgment of the Pastor and Deacons, and to be dealt with according to the decision of the Church.

  7. Marriage

    The Scriptures in 2 Corinthians 6:14 states “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” This Scripture should be carefully considered by any member considering marriage. The Church should consider what action should be taken where there is plain disregard of this principle.

  8. Neglecting Church services

    If any member regularly fails to attend church services or church meetings, they will be asked the reason for their absence. If no satisfactory reason can be given, and such conduct persisted in, he or she will be liable to be excluded from this Church.

  9. Quarterly Church meetings

    A quarterly Church Meeting will be held to consider the general affairs of the Church. Every member present is eligible to vote on all questions. No proposal shall be brought forward by a member at such meetings unless notice has been given to the Pastor and Deacons before the day of the meeting.

  10. The Communion Service

    We will meet regularly for the Communion Service (the Lord's Table). The service will be conducted by the Pastor, or another Church Officer or the visiting Minister.

  11. A Member called to the ministry

    In the event of the Lord raising up any from our midst to preach the gospel, the matter shall receive the early attention of the Church. The person concerned shall relate his leadings respecting his call to the solemn office, and a fair hearing shall be given him of his abilities. The Church shall then decide whether he is to be sent with their consent or not; but should such member continue to preach without the consent of the Church, if his conduct be otherwise consistent, his position as a member shall not be interfered with.

  12. Church Services

    The translation of the Bible used by the Church is the Authorised (King James) Version. Visiting ministers are requested to read from the AV. The hymn books used for our hymns are Christian Hymns (First edition) and Gadsby's Selection.