Articles of Faith

We adopt the following two documents as the fullest, though not inspired, expression of what we believe:

  1. The London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1677/1689; and
  2. The Baptist Affirmation of Faith of 1966

As a church we do not require members to necessarily agree with every detail of these documents. As a church it is our desire that all our doctrines and practices and church order should be clearly based on the infallible Scriptures of the Holy Bible. We value the work of those who have attempted to draw up summaries of the teachings and doctrines of the Holy Bible but even the best of these summaries do not have the same authority as the Scriptures. The Trust Deed governing the use of the building is also relevant, and the doctrines referred to in this Deed are essential in governing the affairs of the church. In summary our Church is Reformed, Baptist, Calvinist and Independent. The format of our services is traditional, and we aspire to be reverent in all that we do.

As regards church order, we are content to consider the valuable advice contained in "A Guide to Church Fellowship" first published by the Grace Baptist Assembly in 1974.

At the time of publication, the documents referred to above can be found on the following websites: and